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North Slope has extensive special district experience and ranked as the #1 municipal advisor for Colorado special districts in 2021. Our clients are special districts, urban renewal authorities, and metropolitan districts that fund public infrastructure for new development in Colorado. These special districts range from early-stage developments (“dirt deals”) to mature districts (“fully built out”) and include master-planned residential communities, commercial/retail development to urban redevelopment.

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In the past five years, we have served 85 metropolitan districts in Colorado and have advised on over $1.8 billion* in bond issuances for this sector. In 2021 alone, North Slope advised on 28 metropolitan district financings (series) in Colorado totaling over $886 million and over 55% of North Slope’s business in 2021 (measured by the number of engagements) was completed for metropolitan districts. The intricacies of each of these transactions allow North Slope to provide insights to Special District clients on which structuring techniques (and timing considerations) best meet the District’s financing goals.

*Source: Bloomberg

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In 2021, North Slope was ranked as the #1 municipal advisor in Colorado for special district bond issues based on par amount issued and number of bonds issued. This experience includes financial advisory services for the second largest metropolitan bond issuance completed in Colorado to date for the Windler PIA.

Bar and line graph, showing North Slope has more than double the par amount and number of issues of other financial advisors in Colorado.

1 Sources: Bloomberg “CDRN” January 1, 2021 thru December 31, 2021. Emma.msrb.org for LOM/OS Verification.

Map of Colorado with points denoting special districts that North Slope has worked with.

Recent Special District Financings

2 canoes in the Third Creek metropolitan district.
Third Creek Metropolitan District No. 1

GO Limited Tax Bonds
Series 2022A-1

HM metropolitan district aerial view.
HM Metropolitan District No. 2

GO Limited Tax Convertible Capital Appreciation Bonds

Windler PIA aerial view.
Windler PIA

GO Limited Tax Bonds
Series 2021A-1

Westerly Creek metropolitan district neighborhood.
Westerly Metropolitan District No. 4

GO Limited Tax Bonds
Series 2021A-1
GO Limited Tax Convertible Capital Appreciation Bonds

RRC metro district landscape.
RRC Metropolitan District No. 2

(In Jefferson County)

Reunion metropolitan district water tower.
Reunion Metropolitan District

Water Activity Enterprise
Special Revenue and Sub Bonds

Cielo metropolitan district neighborhood.
Cielo Metropolitan District

Series 2021

Banning Lewis Ranch metropolitan district aerial view.
Banning Lewis Ranch Metropolitan District No. 2
+/- $32,000,000

Series 2021

Inspiration metropolitan district neighborhood view.
Inspiration Metropolitan District
+/- $85,000,000

Series 2021A&B

Homes in front of Castle Rock.
Villages at Castle Rock Metropolitan District

Series 2021A&B

Couple on a bench with Reunion metropolitan district in the background.
Reunion Metropolitan District

Series 2021A&B


Services for Special Districts

1. Confirm the Financing Goals

We do a deep dive to learn about each district’s existing debt, financing needs, structuring constraints, and goals.

2. Plan of Finance Review

As fiduciaries, we independently analyze every deal to request refinements and drive the lowest cost of borrowing.

3. Underwriter / Placement Agent and Bond Counsel Selection and Documentation Support  

North Slope assists in the selection of underwriters / placement agents and bond counsels and will run an RFP process for both as requested. As the transaction progresses, North Slope will review and comment on all relevant documentation provided by the underwriter / placement agent and bond counsel.

4. Transaction Support

North Slope will attend District Board meetings, document review sessions, and any other financing team meetings as requested and provide general financial advisory support through the financing process as a fiduciary to the District.

5. Swap Advisor Services (if requested)

North Slope will provide guidance, education, analysis, negotiation, structuring advice, and price transparency for derivatives.

6. External Financial Advisor Certificate – Bond Issuances (Pricing Comfort)

Prior to pricing, or locking interest rates North Slope will conduct market research to provide an opinion that the interest rate(s), issue structure, and redemption provisions on the proposed loans and bond issue are appropriate.

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