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The capital markets are a vast wilderness where multiple resources, collaboration, and a strong work ethic are essential to survive. North Slope has over half a century of combined experience guiding public borrowers through the markets. We provide transparency on all financing options available in the capital markets and a take data-driven methodology to advocate for the lowest cost of capital for our clients. We not only solve our client’s current financing needs problems, but also keep an eye on the horizon for their future capital needs.

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Financing Pack Essentials

Debt profile review

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Financial product assessment, education and implementation

Credit rating strategy

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Request for proposal (RFP) creation

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Capital markets monitoring

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Manage relationships with regulatory agencies

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Board and staff education

Educate clients on modernizing capital financing strategies

Derivative (swap) advisory services

Our Methodology & Approach

Setting the Course

1. Mapping Out Our Client’s Goals

North Slope’s approach starts with mapping our client’s current financial position and debt profile. Then, we collaborate with our clients to chart a course for their capital financing goals.

2. Research and Review of Available Financing Options

North Slope provides transparency by shining a flashlight on the benefits and considerations of various financing options and products to best meet our client’s capital financing goals.

3. Assemble Financing Team

North Slope collaborates with our clients to create a competitive request for proposals (“RFP”) processes to determine the best-qualified parties for any transaction. North Slope’s RFP process strives to reduce the response and evaluation time needed to select each party, saving our clients valuable time over the course of any financing.

4. Rating Agency Strategy

North Slope undertakes a systematic approach to managing the rating process. First, we review rating methodologies published by the rating agencies and educate our clients on how the agencies implement their processes. Next, North Slope reviews reports published by rating agencies which we use to compare our clients’ financial profiles alongside those of their peers. North Slope collaborates with our clients to craft comprehensive credit presentations. To procure the most favorable rating for our clients, we create messaging strategies to boost credit strengths while mitigating various credit challenges.

5. Manage the Transaction

North Slope acts as the “captain” on each financing for our clients, including coordinating the schedule and managing all phases from documentation to structuring to closing. North Slope works behind the scenes with legal counsels and bankers, so each financing runs efficiently and saves our clients valuable time.

6. Advocacy

When advocating for your lowest cost of capital, North Slope’s approach is unique and rooted in the investment banking backgrounds of our team. First, North Slope utilizes a “consensus scale” by collecting interest rates, credit spreads, final maturity and other data points on similar, comparable transactions using our subscription services such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv TM3. Next, North Slope analyzes this data and provides an “opening offer” to the underwriter for the most competitive spreads on a particular financing. Finally, on the day of pricing, using tools like IPREO Gameday and secondary trading data on Bloomberg, North Slope is equipped to advocate for refining and re-pricing a transaction. This invokes a collaborative approach with the underwriter and typically results in competitive pricing execution. 

7. Achieve Your Goals

North Slope will prepare an independent financial advisor report summarizing the transaction and the financial goals we achieved with our client We will demonstrate the interest rates were fair and market-driven, and the transaction closed accordingly. This proves comfort to the client and is often required by bond counsel to deem the transaction closed.

Derivatives (Swap) Advisor Services

North Slope is registered to provide guidance, education, analysis, negotiation, and structuring advice for derivatives our clients may desire to implement as part of its capital financing plan by acting in the capacity as a Qualified Independent Representative (QIR).

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